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At BABG, we understand the effects on families caring for children with special needs, delays and deficits and neurodevelopmental disorder, which require around-the-clock care. Therapy for the entire family will often be necessary to make sure that the child is able to integrate into the family life and have his/her needs met to fulfill healthy development. For families who have children born with disabilitiesies or show early signs of possible developmental delays, this news may be difficult to accept. The adjustment is often difficult and is an on going process. Some families do not realize that their child has a disability until they are a little older. Autism, intellectual disability, developmental concerns may not show up during the first months of life. It is only after frustration and often denial that the parents are able to realize the child has some extra needs that they are unable to meet.

Family therapy addresses feelings that everyone in the family might have and not be able to express. Low self esteem, a feeling of loss and helplessness are just a few that might be issues that could be addressed and talked through. Although most parents and children do not receive enough or any family therapy, it should be the goal of any good case manager to encourage this and to have it start as soon as possible.­

Family Therapy